Do you have emergency housing?

Do you have a priority list?

Can I apply for more then one program?
You can apply for the Section 8 program. We do not have Public Housing.

How long is the waiting list?
This varies. Please contact the Housing Authority office for this information.

How much rent would I have to pay?
Approximately 30% of your adjusted monthly income.

If I have a roommate, do we have to fill out separate applications?
No, include everyone who will be residing in the household on one application.

What is the address and phone number for the Office of Fair Housing?
The Office of Fair Housing is located at:
1670 Broadway Street,
Denver, CO 80202.
Their phone number is 800-877-7353.
Email: james.c.whiteside@hud.gov

In North Dakota, call Michelle Rydz with the High Plains Fair Housing Council at 1-800-380-2738.