Stark County:


The rental assistance program is designed to help low income households pay their housing costs in decent, safe and affordable dwellings located in Stark County.

Who is Eligible?

The program will assist participants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, age, familial status or handicap. Gross family income cannot exceed the following limits:

Status Income

1 Person

 2 People

 3 People

 4 People

 5 People

 6 People

 7 People

 8 People

50% Very Low









Effective 1/1/2021

What Size Unit Am I Eligible For?

The unit size will be determined by the Housing Authority, depending on the sex, age and number of persons in the household. A family is allowed to rent a smaller or larger unit under certain conditions.

What Type of Housing Will Qualify?

Rental assistance can be used in any type of privately owned rental housing in Stark County - houses, duplexes, apartments and mobile homes. The dwelling unit selected by the family must be inspected in accordance with the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and be certified by the Housing Authority as a decent, safe and rent reasonable home.

What Are The Maximum Rents Allowed For The Program?

Under this program, total housing costs (rent and tenant paid utilities) cannot exceed the following payment standard limits as set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Payment Standards Effective 01/01/2022













If the tenant is responsible for any or all of the utilities, an amount specified by the Housing Authority from a utility allowance schedule must be added to the rent to determine if it is within the limits.

Utility Allowance Schedule

How Much Rent Do Program Participants Pay?

The gross family contribution (GFC) is the amount of rent the client pays toward the housing costs. GFC is figured at 30% of the monthly income after allowances for minor children and childcare costs. In the case of elderly or disabled individuals, medical expenses in excess of 3% of the gross family income are allowable deductions.

Where Can I Live When I Receive a Voucher?

When you are issued a voucher, you must lease a unit for one year in the area this Housing Authority serves . If you do not currently live in our service area and do not wish to move to our area, please contact your local housing authority.